Sunday, September 11, 2005

Moving Hosts.

Well, after working with Blogger for a while, and with Wordpress for less time, I have come to like WordPress. It gives me a bit more control of what I can do. So, I have decided to create Don's Thoughts II, which this site will be moving to. Over the next few days I will move the content from here to there, and I will no longer be updating this site as of now.

Please change your RSS readers, etc, to the new site!!


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Riddle Me This?

Late at night when the rest of the "night time" world is asleep, I'm typically up and awake. I use this time to code, read, study, or surf the blogs that are out there begging to be read.

There is one "type" of blog that has me totally confused as to why they are even there.

That being those blogs that have a link to another site, and one or two sentences saying something about the link. I just don't understand why they do that? Why don't they just comment on that blog, and use their blog for something else (or not have a blog). I never click on the links, and I never go back to that blog.

Seems like a waste of space and bandwidth.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

In Defense of the Feds vs Katrina

I, too, am saddened by the disaster in New Orleans and other areas effected and affected by the storm that stomped its way through there.

*BUT* jumping on the US Agencies for in-adequate response isn't right either. FEMA, the main agency to respond to these events can not respond, by law, until requested by the Governor of the State(s) involved, and that was slow in coming. These folks "wanted to evaluate the need". Several police agencies, fire, rescue, Army Reserve, National Guard units from around the US attempted to respond and were told by the State Police or Governors that they could not come until other issues were resolved, or that there was no place for them to stay, nor food or water for them. (In ALL cases they were brining their own food, water and sleeping accommodations, disaster response teams KNOW they need to bring this stuff! That's what we get trained in!)

I do have a problem with the LOCAL agencies not being properly prepared and ready for this event. Yes, it is the worse natural event of this type to hit the US (although we have helped other countries with as bad, or almost as bad), but the expectations where there, and they should have had things in hand ready to help out. Nope, no such thing is there.

I also have a problem with the people that did not leave when they knew full well what the impact could have been, which was VERY accurately depicted, two weeks or so in advance. I know that when some of the Reserve Units and National Guard Units were heading out, they offered folks rides out of the area (without possessions, making it harder I know) which were turned down more often than not! Add to that the stealing of everything not locked down, and in many cases even those things locked down, including by the local law enforcement (and on international camera), without qualms of being seen. I have a problem with the rapes that are happening, and the killing. Most of this done by those that stayed behind.

I am in 100% support of rebuilding the area, above sea level, and getting back to life, commerce, etc., I just do not think hammering on the US Agencies is the right thing to do. I do think that, through valid agencies, such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army, FEMA, etc, we should support by monetary donation, the recovery of the area. This groups often request money instead of what is called "in kind" donations, so that it can be used in what is needed at the moment. They have agreements with various producers of equipment, supplies, etc., to get it to the affected/effected areas at cost, which uses the same amount of money to buy more product than if you buy and send it yourself.

Sorry for the rant, but let's put blame where it needs to be, if there must be blame. Also, let's put the money where it can do the most good. (Red Cross or Salvation Army for example.)