Saturday, February 25, 2012

Still Ticking!

We have had a decent growth spurt this past week, and some new blogs show up! This is good! Please keep up the great work of advertising the site and in using the site!

Surfing has been up and down this week. Over all, we may be a bit up though, for the first time in two weeks! Again, keep up the great work and remember, surfing at least 35 blogs a day (not counting games and cash awards pages) gives your blog the best chance of being seen!

In an attempt to remind you of the forums and with the desire for you to help us grow our community, I have placed the Forums as the first site you see (this does count as a "blog seen" for that desired 35 blogs/day goal!) each time you open up the surf page. If you sign in and click the mark to keep you signed in, you should see any new messages since your last sign in by a red marker on the right, making it easier to stay current "with the news" and comments of the community of surfers! Please do make sure you have an account, have it set to remember you, and keep current!! ;)

We are just under three months away from our 2nd year anniversary! Keep your eyes open for the beginning of the celebrations which will include cash and credit bonuses for those that participate! SOME of the notices will only be posted on the forums, so you may want to start staying up to date as to what is posted there too! Some will be posted here in the newsletters, and some may be posted in the "news" section on the bottom right side of your tools page! Keep your eyes open!

Happy Surfing!

Best of times!

Don Bell
Chief Admin - ExposeYourBlog!

Friday, February 10, 2012

EYB! - Contest Running, Surfing seasawing...

Hello Folks,

We've opened back up both the Surfing Contest and the referral contest on ExposeYourBlog! and you can earn extra credits each day by surfing the most blogs and by getting other, active, bloggers to come join us on ExposeYourBlog!.

With this "opening up", we have increased our surfing some, but we can always use more surfers! There are some days that are heavier than others though, and we would like to see EVERY day a solid day of surfing, blogging and commenting!! Come join us an ExposeYourBlog! and get your blog seen while you read a WIDE variety of other blogs!

We are coming up on our two year anniversary of providing great blogs to read in one spot too!! Look forward to SOMETHING big on the anniversary month!!

Friar Don, OBR
Lead Admin - ExposeYourBlog!

Friday, February 03, 2012

EYB! Burrrrr, its cold out there!

Howdy Folks,

Its cold out there, so I have been surfing more myself of late. (Doesn't hurt that I'm off for the past three weeks, and at least the next two weeks with my knee...) Our numbers are down a bit as to the number of people surfing, but the people surfing are shifting some. Would love to see all 500+ members of ExposeYourBlog! come back and surf at least 10 a day, but even better 35 or more sites a day! Would broaden our scope of blogs significantly and get our numbers up!

We have had a few new members and blogs this past few weeks though, so that is good! More is always better though, as it broadens our reading (and commenting) pleasure, and gives us the desire to come back more often!

Unfortunately we have several "stale" blogs. By that I mean blogs that haven't been updated in over 30 days. The current policy is to leave them in rotation until they use up their credits, but I would love to see many of them get update (and their owners to surf even more!).

Hope to see you and your blog(s) on ExposeYourBlog!

Happy Surfing!