Friday, March 02, 2012

EYB! - Some updates

If you are a new poster on the forums, the first five messages you post have to be approved by an Admin, either Anji or myself, so we can stop the spam we get. After your 5th post, you will not have to wait, they are automatically accepted and put into possession. Some come on over, read and post!! ;)

As a reminder, another way to surf the blogs is to go to the "Tools" page, then click on "Blog Viewer". This will give you a list of 10 blogs to click on, that will rotate through the blogs until you are "done". You get the same credits as you would if you used the surf bar.

You should remember to read the news on the bottom of the left sidebar of your tools page. It may very much be to your benefit!! ;)

We gave grown by several members this week, and you should be seeing even more new blogs now!! Remember to comment when they catch your attention!

Happy Surfing!

Best of times!