Tuesday, November 23, 2010

EYB! Status Update - November 23, 2010

Several things have happened in this past week and a halfish!

You are now able to send an email add to all of our members, at a cost, that will direct the reader to your blog (must be one that is in rotation) with a couple of paragraphs of text to go with it. The cost for this is $5.50 via PayPal.

Also, you may now also place an add, on any topic that is approved at the time of submission to be included in the newsletter that goes out twice a week. (Each ad is a one off only event, although you can submit it as often as you want, once per newsletter. There are up to five ads per newsletter, and you can buy all five, as long as each is different content (even if it points to the same site). This ad does not have to point to a blog. The cost for this is $10.00 per ad.

We have updated our forum software to the "latest and greatest" version, and I have plugged some security holes and performance issues I found in the forum system. So there should be a bit better performance there.

Those users that use Safari will find that they are unable to log in and access the surfing software, this is due to the non-standard way they use standard html/xtml calls, and is not something I can fix on this end.

I am also finding that Camino, another Mac based browser has the same problem.

The recommended browsers to use for surfing on EYB! are Firefox (first) and Chrome (second). Chrome is good, but there are still some pretty big security flaws in it, that I would lean more towards Firefox myself.

I continue to fix issues as they come up, and am here to help and support you the users!

Happy Surfing!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

EYB! Status Update - November 14, 2010

Things continue to grow, we've added a few members, and have some of the initial members that hadn't posted blogs posting blogs. So we are growing, even if slowly. (Keep in mind we are only 5.5 months old thought!)

As of today we have surf and chat up and running now, and without lag!!

Other than that, things remain active and moving forward!

Keep Surfing!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

ExposeYourBlog! Status Update - 11/7/2010

EYB! hit 2000+ blog viewings these past two days!! Much faster than I thought we would! Now to keep it up at that level!

We have added a few more sites into rotation, but unfortunately we have take a couple out (in the form of pausing them) due to lack of current content.

There are still many contest running, and we have had two people reach a total of 600 bonus credits for surfing a lot, by hitting the Verification Page enough times to get to the big daddy of 500 credits for answering the question right 20 times. I hope to see that happen more often! ;)

It is best for each person to have at least one banner and one text ad for their blog in rotation as well, but don't forget to assign credits to them so they are seen. I am seeing those credits get used up and not getting refilled (so to say).

Over all the system problems seem to be (knock on wood) at a minimum right now, and things seem to be smooth sailing. There is a bit of a problem with repeat blogs sooner than one would want to see, but that is due in part to not enough people surfing each day. If you want to be seen, you must surf to gain credits so others can see you! ;)

Happy Blogging!