Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Don's Thoughts II Returns!

While Blogger is fine as a whole, I like the flexibility of Wordpress much better, so I have decided, this past weekend to set up my business web site again and get Don's Thoughts II back up and running. It's up and runninger here and I will be moving all the messages from here there (so it has something in it, etc), but not the comments. Please repoint your RSS readers, etc, there if you would. :)


Monday, May 01, 2006

A Friend in CA.

I have a friend in Central California that is a bit over weight. She has looked into going through surgery to get a tuck and or a band, at her husband's request, but is not happy with what she has seen and heard. Her husband a many years is demanding that she go do it, even though it will put them in financial straights for a while. He isn't listening to her concerns and her desire to not go through with it.

Do you think a spouse should be demanding something like this? Do you feel either procedure does any good?

My thoughts are if my friend want's to do this, she should go for it, ONLY after looking it over in very detail she can. Personally I'd not do it, and I probably could now. I'll walk more, I'll eat better, etc. (And I already am.) Now in her case, there may be some medical issues in play keeping her from more exercise, etc. But still, I think *she* should control what happens to her body. Now, a spouse can give their feedback and thoughts, but should not demand something like this.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this....

Consulting Web Site.

After about four months of it being down, I have decided to bring back up my business web site. It will probably have a business blog up on it soon, and may soon have an in house photo gallery. Enjoy!