Sunday, March 13, 2011

Surfer of the Week, and more!

ExposeYourBlog! has a new contest in play right now of "Surfer of the Week". In order to win, the surfer must surf all seven days of the week, Sunday through Saturday, and must surf at least 35 blogs each day. (Doesn't have to be in one sitting, but in the 24 hour period of that day.) The winner has the first page of surfing for the following week, Sunday through Saturday, receives some cash and extra credits! So, come surf away! (To cash out on the money, you must be a paid Pro member!)

We continue to grow, although slowly! If you have blogging friends, be sure to let them know about ExposeYourBlog! ( get them to start surfing and getting their blog seen as well!

We have other contest going on all the time as well, so come check us out!