Wednesday, December 29, 2010

EYB! Status Update - December 29, 2010

Ok, so I left everyone alone over the Christmas season, and was going to for the beginning of the new year, but it is time to "wake up" and talk again. :)

I hope everyone, who celebrates it, had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! I did!

The surfing has been a bit light these past two-two and a half weeks, but I expected that during the Christmas celebrations, and don't expect it to pick up until Monday of next week.

We have had a few new users join us, and with that, there have been a few new blogs added as well. We could still use more users, so remember to put a link in your blog to point people to so that we get more people coming to check us, and your blog, out!

In the new year, there will be some "upgrades" and new things added to the system, and more, and hopefully fun, contesting coming as well!

Keep tuned in!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

EYB! Status Update - December 15, 2010

ExposeYourBlog! is pretty much status quo right now. We are holding at about the same number of active members, with surfing down just a bit, which I am attributing to the holiday season. (I pray I'm right here. ;) )

We have found a problem with the verify page software we use to make sure your not a robot surfing, and are working on getting it fixed.

In mid-January expect to see some great changes to the Forums. More on that later!

Surf and Chat is working well, and there are normally at least two people there chatting when I get on, Dirty Butter and Anji, and I would love to see even more people using it!

We are still partnered with Tribal Blogs, in which you can find out more information if you sign up on EYB! and read the newsletters there.

Happy Times!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

EYB! Status Update - December 2, 2010

We continue to grow slowly but surely. Having a niche traffic site makes it harder to grow fast as many traffic sites grow, but we are keeping to our promise of keeping the sites focused on blogs. And mostly "clean" blogs! ;)

Our surfing, on average over the past week averages out to 755 blogs seen per day, which is not bad for a new, niche oriented site.

We are being advertised on roughly 4 traffic exchange sites and in several other locations by the text ads, and other ads I've posted.

Now, there does seem to be a problem that I am noticing. People are not sure how to move credits about to banners or texts ads, etc.. So, I will post on that here now!

As you surf on a free account, you earn 3 credits for every 5 sites you visit. As you build up credits, you can convert them into "conversion credits" which you can then convert into Banner Credits or Text Ad Credits, or back to surf credits.

Here is how it works:

Each Surfing Credit becomes 2 Conversion Credits.
4 Conversion Credits makes 3 Banner Credits
6 Conversion Credits makes 5 Text Ad Credits.

You can go back and forth in your conversion process as well. For example you can take 5 text ad credits to create 6 conversion credits, which can then be converted into 3 surfing credits.

You can also use the Conversion Credits as a hold place if you want to slow down the viewing of your blog by others.

Happy Surfing!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

EYB! Status Update - November 23, 2010

Several things have happened in this past week and a halfish!

You are now able to send an email add to all of our members, at a cost, that will direct the reader to your blog (must be one that is in rotation) with a couple of paragraphs of text to go with it. The cost for this is $5.50 via PayPal.

Also, you may now also place an add, on any topic that is approved at the time of submission to be included in the newsletter that goes out twice a week. (Each ad is a one off only event, although you can submit it as often as you want, once per newsletter. There are up to five ads per newsletter, and you can buy all five, as long as each is different content (even if it points to the same site). This ad does not have to point to a blog. The cost for this is $10.00 per ad.

We have updated our forum software to the "latest and greatest" version, and I have plugged some security holes and performance issues I found in the forum system. So there should be a bit better performance there.

Those users that use Safari will find that they are unable to log in and access the surfing software, this is due to the non-standard way they use standard html/xtml calls, and is not something I can fix on this end.

I am also finding that Camino, another Mac based browser has the same problem.

The recommended browsers to use for surfing on EYB! are Firefox (first) and Chrome (second). Chrome is good, but there are still some pretty big security flaws in it, that I would lean more towards Firefox myself.

I continue to fix issues as they come up, and am here to help and support you the users!

Happy Surfing!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

EYB! Status Update - November 14, 2010

Things continue to grow, we've added a few members, and have some of the initial members that hadn't posted blogs posting blogs. So we are growing, even if slowly. (Keep in mind we are only 5.5 months old thought!)

As of today we have surf and chat up and running now, and without lag!!

Other than that, things remain active and moving forward!

Keep Surfing!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

ExposeYourBlog! Status Update - 11/7/2010

EYB! hit 2000+ blog viewings these past two days!! Much faster than I thought we would! Now to keep it up at that level!

We have added a few more sites into rotation, but unfortunately we have take a couple out (in the form of pausing them) due to lack of current content.

There are still many contest running, and we have had two people reach a total of 600 bonus credits for surfing a lot, by hitting the Verification Page enough times to get to the big daddy of 500 credits for answering the question right 20 times. I hope to see that happen more often! ;)

It is best for each person to have at least one banner and one text ad for their blog in rotation as well, but don't forget to assign credits to them so they are seen. I am seeing those credits get used up and not getting refilled (so to say).

Over all the system problems seem to be (knock on wood) at a minimum right now, and things seem to be smooth sailing. There is a bit of a problem with repeat blogs sooner than one would want to see, but that is due in part to not enough people surfing each day. If you want to be seen, you must surf to gain credits so others can see you! ;)

Happy Blogging!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

ExposeYourBlog! Status Update - 10/31/2010

Happy Halloween!

ExposeYourBlog! continues to surf over 1000 blog hits per day, which is a good thing! My goal is to get us to over 2000 per day by the end of the year! That will take the bloggers we currently have on board surfing at least 25 blogs per day, and for each of them to post at least one banner or comment on their site to get the bloggers that read their blogs to come check us out and join in.

The great thing is, that the majority of the people using the site are reading the blogs as they surf, provide the content is current, as they are often commenting on the blogs! So, while many surf sites people surf and ignore the screen, it doesn't appear to be happening here on EYB!

We have a few contest going on:

1. Surf at least 35 blogs per day for seven days in a row, beginning this past Thursday and ending this coming Thursday at midnight and you will receive 500 credits.
2. If you sign up now, or have signed up in the past and have not activated your account by surfing 5 blogs, you can now do so, then register on the forums and PM Admin and you will receive 100 credits!
3. Each day those that sponsor the most down line members receive credits. (Plus you get a percentage of what they surf each day as well!! So get your links on your blog so others will sign up under you!)
4. The top three people that surf each day get a percentage of the total surfs for that day added to their credits.
5. If you have an add for ExposeYourBlog! on your blog in the top part of your blog, every Saturday (or sometimes Sunday) you will receive 25 credits to your account as payment for advertising for EYB!

More to come!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

ExposeYourBlog! Status Update - 10/24/2010

ExposeYourBlog! ( continues to grow slowly. It is farther along that I thought it would be by now, but not where I'd love to see it, even this soon after starting. (We started the site on the first of June roughly.)

We have broken the 1000 blog views a day, and go up by 10 to 15 per day, which is a good change. During the week days the numbers are sometimes lower, but even then we have been, for the most part breaking 1000 blog views per day. A good start for only being around for about 5 months.

Each weekend, I have been opening up bonus credits for those that surf more during the weekend. It takes surfing to get them though.

I have always been unhappy sporting car dealership logs on my car when I buy it, as I consider it free advertising, and I actually have to pay for it, through the cost of the car, so I have started a process where each Saturday the Admin team looks over every site to see if they have a link to ExposeYourBlog!, and if so pays them in 25 blog credits for that week.

We have a contest going right now where one winner will receive 1000 credits for Tweeting about ExposeYourBlog! from their account. You can read more about that by signing on to your ExposeYourBlog! account, going to your tools page, and looking at the newsletters.

Unfortunately we still have about 50 people who signed up for the service, but have not surfed their 5 initial blogs, and posted their blog for review. This would make us even stronger.

We have a few of our "early adapters" who were not getting what they wanted out of the system when we first started, that stopped surfing because they felt they weren't getting what they needed. I pray they come back now, as they are now going to get what they want. :)

Those that are currently surfing are actually reading and commenting on the blogs in rotation, which is what we are all about.

So, if you have a blog, and are not on, come join us and get seen!!

Dr. Don Bell
Owner - ExposeYourBlog!

Sunday, July 04, 2010


I have, with the help of a few others, created a new blog sharing site. Go to, set up an account, surf through five blogs, then post your blog or blogs into your account, and begin surfing other peoples blogs so that they will be able to see your blogs!

Four or five people from BlogExplosion got tired of it not working and the lack of support at the site, so we started this site up to replace what was missing. We are not in it for money, as most of the sites were, but to have a place to help get our own blogs out and seen by others. I, personally, am dedicated to keeping it up and running, keeping the code clean, and over time adding to it as needed.

We have been averaging about one new blog added a day, for the month we have been open for business. I would love to see that go up, but that works for now if need be. :)

The surf ratio for free accounts is 5-3, meaning you surf 5 blogs, and you get three credits towards people getting to see your blog. There are options for paid accounts which give you more credits, you blog is seen for longer, etc. Every so often your surfing is broken up with the option to play a game for credits, and when you finish that game, you go back to surfing. You get bonus questions to answer every so often, which give you bonus credits as well.

Come join us at and get your blog seen!