Thursday, December 02, 2010

EYB! Status Update - December 2, 2010

We continue to grow slowly but surely. Having a niche traffic site makes it harder to grow fast as many traffic sites grow, but we are keeping to our promise of keeping the sites focused on blogs. And mostly "clean" blogs! ;)

Our surfing, on average over the past week averages out to 755 blogs seen per day, which is not bad for a new, niche oriented site.

We are being advertised on roughly 4 traffic exchange sites and in several other locations by the text ads, and other ads I've posted.

Now, there does seem to be a problem that I am noticing. People are not sure how to move credits about to banners or texts ads, etc.. So, I will post on that here now!

As you surf on a free account, you earn 3 credits for every 5 sites you visit. As you build up credits, you can convert them into "conversion credits" which you can then convert into Banner Credits or Text Ad Credits, or back to surf credits.

Here is how it works:

Each Surfing Credit becomes 2 Conversion Credits.
4 Conversion Credits makes 3 Banner Credits
6 Conversion Credits makes 5 Text Ad Credits.

You can go back and forth in your conversion process as well. For example you can take 5 text ad credits to create 6 conversion credits, which can then be converted into 3 surfing credits.

You can also use the Conversion Credits as a hold place if you want to slow down the viewing of your blog by others.

Happy Surfing!

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Anji said...

It isn't easy to convert at the beginning. I'd add; don't be afraid to mess around to find out how the converter works. The credits won't get lost, they'll just be in a different section.