Wednesday, December 15, 2010

EYB! Status Update - December 15, 2010

ExposeYourBlog! is pretty much status quo right now. We are holding at about the same number of active members, with surfing down just a bit, which I am attributing to the holiday season. (I pray I'm right here. ;) )

We have found a problem with the verify page software we use to make sure your not a robot surfing, and are working on getting it fixed.

In mid-January expect to see some great changes to the Forums. More on that later!

Surf and Chat is working well, and there are normally at least two people there chatting when I get on, Dirty Butter and Anji, and I would love to see even more people using it!

We are still partnered with Tribal Blogs, in which you can find out more information if you sign up on EYB! and read the newsletters there.

Happy Times!

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