Saturday, June 25, 2011

EYB! - Ticking along!

Well, in this past week, we had a bit of a problem with our Host system. They decided to do an unscheduled (well they didn't let me know about it anyway) maintenance on their systems, which took us out of play for almost 24 hours. Not a happy camper with it, but at least they got us back up, without loss of data, and all appears to be running smoothly again.

At least in the surfing area. Comments are a problem for systems though. If you have left your comments section "in line", meaning that when a person clicks on comments to comment and the page refreshes instead of opening a pop up (only time pop ups are allowed on ExposeYourBlog! is for comments!), you stand a good chance of the person trying to comment getting a white page with no content on it. I have found that does not support frames when it comes to comments. The way to fix this is to set your comments as a pop up and not in line.

I have taken out text ads from the system, as no one was clicking on them, and they were eating credits up pretty fast. If you have text credits left, don't forget to convert them to conversion credits, and you can use them for banner or surf credits. At the end of August, I am converting any text credits left to Banner credits!

Happy Surfing!!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

One Year Anniversary!

YES!! Today marks the one year anniversary of ExposeYourBlog! being officially open to the public and out of development mode!

Those that are members at 11:59PM tonight will receive a bonus 25 credits to their account as a present, and those that surf, even once, today, will receive another 25 credits. :)

We have had a few trails and tribulations this past year, but over all, things have gone pretty well! We have slowly grown, after the initial growth, and continue to slowly grow, which is OK by me. We have a lot of good blogs on board, and the reading and commenting is pretty good in most cases!

Hope to see more of you here over this next year!