Sunday, May 22, 2011

Have you gotten your blog seen lately?

Hello Folks,

ExposeYourBlog! ( is awaiting your arrival to get your blog seen! All you have to do is sign up, surf five sites, then post up to 2 blogs for a free account, 50 blogs for the Enterprise Pro account. (I know, who has 50 blogs? You would be surprised, but the Enterprise Pro account has many other great bennies too!)

What is ExposeYourBlog!? It is a surf site in which you read other blogs earning credits for each view (for every 5 blogs you view, you get three credits on a free account, and for every one you view you get one credit for your blog) of someones blog.

We have been around just under a year now, and while we are still kinda small, we are growing slowly each week. :) We would like to grow faster, so if you are reading this, come join us!! ;)

Saturday, May 07, 2011


For about an hour today I went to and began reading blogs there by clicking on the "Next Blog" button on most of them. Sadly over half were over a year old since their last update... Sad state of affairs there!

Luckily less than an 8th of them loaded music or videos at load, which I hate.

The good news were there were several that were current and appeared to be somewhat active! (And on those I did comment on in many cases!)

Why do we blog? I know I blog because it is an avenue to express my thoughts, my dreams, my progress in life, and a way to post on what has intrigued me in any given day.

If you blog, come check out, join up, surf blogs, and get your blog seen by others!