Friday, December 31, 2004

Review of 2004/Goals for 2005

This past year I had 4 major goals:

1. Lose 50 pounds. - Several good things happened this year, but that wasn't one of them, I went up 20.

2. As a Watkins Business Owner, my goal was to hit Silver Manager by today, 31 December. I did not make it, but I was close, real close!!

3. Own two multi-unit homes/appartments/etc. - Didn't start on this project at all.

4. Start doing Tax Liens again. Due to many issues, I never started this project.

Here are some of my primary goals for the year 2005:

1. Have my Didactic section of my current PhD program done by the end of March 2005.

2. Have my Intial Draft of my PhD dissertation complete by December 2005.

3. Obtain my CISSP Certification by the end of June 1005.

4. By the end of December 2005, obtain and sustain Executive Level with Watkins.

5. Lose 50 lbs. (I've already started on this, effective today, and actually effective two weeks or so ago!!)

6. Get back into rental properties.

I KNOW I can reach all of these goals, I just need to re-condition myself to not be lazy as I was this past year. I think I took a couple years off in fact.. Not anymore!!

If you are reading this, please check back in with me in a year and force me to post my results. ;)

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

World Event "NO" press!?

I'm VERY surprised at the lack of TV coverage of the events in Asia right now! Yes, there is SOME coverage, but this should be all over the screen!!

This is the worse earthquake in over 40 years, and the biggest Tsunami in many more years! As of this AM there are about 70K people confirmed dead, and many thousands more still listed as missing!

I personally think this event is bigger than 9/11 and should have strong coverage so we know what is going on!! Yes, 9/11 was a terrorist act, and needed coverage too, and so should this, which is a "natural" event!

Wake up Press, get on the job!!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Another Bad part about the Christmas Holiday...

Well, today brings to us the beginning week of the next round of no fun! People bringing back the hunderds of thousands of dollars worth of products they received from their friends and loved ones that they don't want or don't like!! Yep, someone brings you a gift from their heart, and we take it back to the store for something else. In most cases, I'm betting that the giver was giving something THEY wanted...

I'm hoping this year is a bit better than in the past for these retail folks (I did retail for a year, more as a learning experience and until I could get my mind on what I wanted to be doing now, so I know how it goes...) with the strong use of the gift cards. I hope more people are buying these cards than getting gifts that the other person didn't want....

Friday, December 24, 2004


I'm a member of ISSA (Information Systems Security Association), which is supposed to be people that are in a systems security position in their company, or that run a systems security/auditor company. These people should be aware of what exploits are out there, know how to counter them and how to fix the issues on their computer. In my eye they should be very well versed on what tools are used by the crackers out there (to me a cracker is a person that breaks into a system for mal intent, a Hacker is a person that discets THEIR systems and code to learn more about what the system and code can do, a GOOD Hacker does not break into other peoples systems anymore, it's too cheap (IE FREE in many cases) to get the operating systems you would want, and code you can use to learn on your own systems) are using.

Last month at the ISSA Chapter meeting we had a security audit/training company come in and show us some of the current tools available freely on the Net that were being used by the script kiddies and in some cases Pros. They even used some on a mock network.

The person doing the demo, an ISSA member himself, received at least one email from a participant and member stating that he should not be showing us and using such tools.



Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Background, including Credit and Police Record?

Ok, I ask you, if you are a company and about to hire another company to come in and do some business consulting for you, do you ask for the Principles SSN number? Asking for the EIN number, yes, I can see that, as you need it to pay the bills with, and you can, if you so desire check out the business history of the company. But give out the Principles SSN? In over 20 years of professional business life, I’ve never heard it until this past couple of days.

In the process of helping a client company with their business plan, and getting them ready to go speak to, and land, VC money, we were introduced to a man that was billed as The Consultant for this company. This guy was rude, overbearing and asked for the following things, specifically:

1. Reference letters from my VC contacts.
2. A copy of our business plan format in detail from a like client.
3. My and my business partner’s Social Security Number so he could do a criminal and credit history report.

Now his pissed because we won’t give him that info. We charge from $14K to 100K for working with a company on their business plan, and presentation to VCs. We take 1% of the company, non-dilute able, to introduce them to the VC. Our credit history and criminal history are none of his damn business. I SOOOOOO wanted to hand/send him a bill for $15.1M for the VC list, and the business plan (and I would have even written it for this client!!), but didn’t want to get in a pissing match, which it appears he wants to…

Company credit history would be of import to this transaction, and I have no problems giving him the EIN number for the company, pointing him to our bank, etc. But our company is two months old… We have three clients, and while the client list is growing, we are too new to have a strong reference list!!

What are your thoughts on this?

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Great Reading!!

Personal Reading:

These books are books I recommend for each person
to read reguardless of what you do for a living or where your
going in life:

These first two books should be in everyone's
personal library!

This book is a MUST for everyone to get your life
outlined and in order:

This book helps you get your contacts in life
in order. VERY good book!:

These books talk about how to conduct business
in such a way that work actually gets done and you can build a
STRONG business:

, ,

If you have clients (and who doesn't?) we HIGHLY
recommend this book:

These next books help you understand making wealth
as an individual:


and cover

Rich People...

Over the years I have meet several people that have net worth of over $5M US, and that live off of that wealth. Meaning they are invested in such a way that they are able to live off of the profits of their wealth. That is a major undertaking and takes some work up front to set it up.

Many of these people are very friendly and in most cases you won't even know they have that wealth!

I recently met a man that falls in the catagory that he is now able to live off of his wealth (and probably some off of his wife's income as a Medical Doctor). The down side is he flaunts his wealth in many ways, and has a mighter than though attitude..

This is from a person that has had significant wealth and that at one point didn't have to work again if he didn't want to. (Long story there, that may make it's way here.) During that time, few, except for my inner circle knew I had that wealth and that I didn't have to work. (I wanted to work at the time...)

Why do people get so self centered? sigh...

Saturday, December 18, 2004

My Shamanistic Beginnings.

I've had several people ask me more about my Shamanistic life, so I thought I'd start it out by explaining my beginnings on this path of life!

In 1980, I was stationed in Germany (Stuttgart, a GREAT city!!) in the Army and had a two many room in the barracks to myself. One night when I came home from work, I had a new roommate asleep on my bed (the only one that was made, I guess he figured they made it for him??). I had spent over 35 hours at work that day, so I was pretty beat up from a lot of emergencies (I was a Cardio Vascular Tech and a Combat Medic, with civilian Paramedic License and a lot of non military emergency medicine experience), so I woke him up, asked him to move to his bunk, flipped the pillow over and crashed.

The next day, when I got up, George and I introduced ourselves to each other and left to report the motor pool, and I to the Internal Medicine clinic to work for most of the day then down to the ER.

George was a Mescalero Apache Indian from New Mexico. Over the next few days we started building a friendship. He was very lonely and missed the reservation VERY much. He quickly became, what we called in the Army, a Barracks Rat, meaning he never left his room except to go to the Enlisted Club on base and drink. Which he did a lot of in the room as well.

So, as a friend, I took him with me every time I left base and he didn't have to work. At first he didn't want to go, but I started forcing him to come with me. We had a blast, and he got to see another country other than the his Nation Lands, the two Army bases in the US he was on for training, and the towns outside those bases.

After 6 months of his tour he was recalled to the States and discharge because his Father had passed away. When I came back from work that day, his stuff was gone, and there was a note on my bed saying good bye, he had my address and he would stay in touch!

I thought, well, another friend has moved on, time to morn the "losing" of a friend again.

About 4 months later I rotated back to the States for Special Forces Selection and SF Medic Training, but was allowed to take 10 days of Leave to visit my Wife and parent's, etc. The second day I was home, there was a nock on the door, so I went to answer it, and it was George. He asked if I would come up to the Res with him, as he wanted to introduce me to his Mother and others on the Res. I said sure, and I was VERY excited about it!

I spent a bit over a week there (or about a week) and spent a lot of time with the Nations Shaman asking hundreds of questions about various aspects of life, health, etc.. Many I had "my answers" to, but I wanted to know more. Many of his answers were what I felt. On the third day Dancing Bear, the Shaman, asked me why I was asking all these questions of him, as I was a Shaman and always had been, find the answers on my own.

That night I and the rest of the next day I sat in The Sweat Lodge with George (Sleeping Eagle) meditating and learning new things. On my last day at the Reservation, Dancing Bear performed the Blood Brother cerimony on George and I, and then, to my surprise announced to the Nation that I was from that day forward to be known as a Shaman of the Nation! What a feeling that was!!

I have this Journey thoughout the years (and it has been a bit over 20 years now since this has happened) and I look forward to assisting the Nation and all other Peoples and Nations over the years!

Aho Dancing Bear, I miss you in the present, think of you in the past, and dream of you in DreamLand!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Board Member!!

Yesterday I received written notice that I was accepted as a Board member of a company, Scorpion Solutions, Inc., to help them to the next few levels of success!

It is a good feeling to be asked to join a Board when you are not "Buying" your way in. When I was a VC, I was on a few Boards by default for investing and having a significant stock play in the company. That is not so here. I was asked on board to bring my experience and skills to the table to help the company succeed!

I look forward to helping them reach funding and beyond!!

This year is ending well!!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Holiday Season...

First I need to say I follow the American Indian ways, and am a Shaman of the Apache Nation...

That said, the Christmas Holiday Seaons use to be a great season for me. I enjoy the music of the season, the decorations are fun to look at (although I despise putting them up myself), and for the most part the "front face" of many is one of happiness.

The back end is a bit different though. Most people are very unhappy with this season because of the cost of presents, the cost of adding weight at all the parties, the cost of "happiness". Why have we put such a false face on the season? This is supposed to be a celibartion of life!! What happened to the times of the home made gifts? What happened to the times of just spending more time with friends and family?

I like this season less and less each year. The decorations go up earlier each year, and get gaudery and more commerical in orientation. The music starts even earlier than before (I heard it near the end of October this year at a couple, not just one, malls!!), and people start talking about Christmas Shopping earlier on TV. What happened to the start of Christmas season, Christmas commercials, and Christmas decorations, being harolded by the passing of Santa Clause across the screen on the Macy's Parade? There were MANY years where that was the green light for Christmas Season, Santa coming across your screen.

I think we should go back to the shorter Christmas season, take the commerical aspect out, and go back to the creation of life again!!

Friday, December 10, 2004

TWO days in a row!!

Well, for the second day in a row I had a great day.

I was able to meet with a VERY successful, afluental, well known business man today and had a strong learning day!! While I asked him for things, he asked me for things, which was a nice give and take. This was one of those meetings most of us don't get to have all that often, and I have been lucky enough to work with this person at least 8 times now!! Very good day indead!!

Now for both of us to work out our answers to our request of the other... Could be a long weekend for me. Could be a major change in my life, yet again...

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Space Safety

Had a VERY interesting day today!

A few weeks ago I was invited to sit on a high level review of an investigation of the current Space Safety as requested by the Space Shuttle Children's Fund. I was one of about 20 people, and the only person present that was not in the Space Industry. (I was asked to come based on my Computer Science background/PhD and for my VC/Finance background.)

The information presented was very interesting and the talks we had about improving the data presentation and recommendation for improvement on the Safety in Manned Space Flight, was well worth the day. The players present were some pretty strong players in the industry, and I am confident that the report will be heard by the powers in play at the time of release early next year!

I hope I get invited to the next such review of status, and I hope I get to do this in other areas as well!!

Dr. Pepper (he knows who he is, not the one from the songs. ;)), I'd love to do the same with your group!!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

K9 Search and Rescue

Over the past 15 to 20 years I have been involved in Search and Rescue of missing people. For many years I watched K9 teams on the search and enjoyed watching the teams work. I always thought that was a better way to search, with the dogs able to find people better than people could find people.

So, 5 years ago, I searched for the right dog to be my partner and I found Kodi:

Kodi is a Belgian Malenois (I always spell that wrong, but you get the idea. ;)) and she is now almost 5 years old. She has made 9 live finds for missing people, 5 in disaster events (which is our specialty), and 4 in "wilderness" events. She and I have done hundreds of hours of training to get to that level.

Kodi is also a retired Marin County, California Reserve Deputy Sheriff. She has 5 felony arrest on her record. (The only reason she was retired is I moved out of the area, and they retired her. She's not happy with my move though. She misses the work.)

This has probably been my most rewarding work I've done in life to date...

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Multiple Income Streams...

Over the years I have looked out how the wealthy people get and stay wealthy, and I have to say, that each of them have several "streams" of income coming their way. They have:

1. Their "Day Job" (not that they do much there in many cases!!)
2. They have stocks, that they manage themselves most of the time!
3. Many have written a book, that provides income to them every time someone buys that book. Many write more than one!
4. Most buy, sell, and rent real estate.
5. Some have a SMALL savings account. (Most of their money is in the stocks and real estate.)
6. Many have a second job that is more a hobby than a job, but it brings them money.
7. Most speak at events, etc, and get paid to do so!

In all cases, they manage their money VERY closely, and keep close tabs on how they spend their money and where their money goes daily. They want to build the streams of income into a river, and then a lake!

What's wrong with all those business plans??

Over the past 15 years I have looked at numerous business plans, of all sizes, many industries, and of various debth of project, while managing a $1B venture fund. The biggest problem I had with most of the plans I reviewed was the plan was not a living breathing document.

For a business plan to work, beyond funding, there needs to be a clear goal and a living strategy behind the plan. That plan should become the bible of the business going forward. But a bible of a new kind. It is a living breathing bible that grows and changes as the company grows and changes!

The only two companies I funded that failed, failed because they didn't follow a plan, and would not listen to that. They both folded within two years.

When you write a plan, it should be a plan that you can live with, and one that you live!! As your company grows, so should the plan, and if your products shift, shift your plan!!