Wednesday, December 08, 2004

K9 Search and Rescue

Over the past 15 to 20 years I have been involved in Search and Rescue of missing people. For many years I watched K9 teams on the search and enjoyed watching the teams work. I always thought that was a better way to search, with the dogs able to find people better than people could find people.

So, 5 years ago, I searched for the right dog to be my partner and I found Kodi:

Kodi is a Belgian Malenois (I always spell that wrong, but you get the idea. ;)) and she is now almost 5 years old. She has made 9 live finds for missing people, 5 in disaster events (which is our specialty), and 4 in "wilderness" events. She and I have done hundreds of hours of training to get to that level.

Kodi is also a retired Marin County, California Reserve Deputy Sheriff. She has 5 felony arrest on her record. (The only reason she was retired is I moved out of the area, and they retired her. She's not happy with my move though. She misses the work.)

This has probably been my most rewarding work I've done in life to date...

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