Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Rich People...

Over the years I have meet several people that have net worth of over $5M US, and that live off of that wealth. Meaning they are invested in such a way that they are able to live off of the profits of their wealth. That is a major undertaking and takes some work up front to set it up.

Many of these people are very friendly and in most cases you won't even know they have that wealth!

I recently met a man that falls in the catagory that he is now able to live off of his wealth (and probably some off of his wife's income as a Medical Doctor). The down side is he flaunts his wealth in many ways, and has a mighter than though attitude..

This is from a person that has had significant wealth and that at one point didn't have to work again if he didn't want to. (Long story there, that may make it's way here.) During that time, few, except for my inner circle knew I had that wealth and that I didn't have to work. (I wanted to work at the time...)

Why do people get so self centered? sigh...

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