Thursday, December 16, 2004

Board Member!!

Yesterday I received written notice that I was accepted as a Board member of a company, Scorpion Solutions, Inc., to help them to the next few levels of success!

It is a good feeling to be asked to join a Board when you are not "Buying" your way in. When I was a VC, I was on a few Boards by default for investing and having a significant stock play in the company. That is not so here. I was asked on board to bring my experience and skills to the table to help the company succeed!

I look forward to helping them reach funding and beyond!!

This year is ending well!!


Eddo said...

Dr. Don, I saw you post on a friends site- Kpinion, and I viewed your profile and found that you were going to school to get a PhD in BA. I too would like to get a PhD in BA. Currently I just have the BA degree, and I wasn't planning on getting an MBA until I landed a job at TI and now I want to get a PhD so that one day I can teach college business classes.

So, now what I need from you is for you to post stuff about school and what it takes to get a PhD in BA. Awesome.

I also think it is cool that someone like yourself has a blog. It seems that you would be much to busy to post comments about your life - online no less.

And congrats on the new Board Membership!

Happy Holidays!

Don said...

Hello Eddo,

Went to look at your blog, and didn't see one. ;)

I will be posting on that soon!! Still in my first class, which is statistics... Not my favorite, but something that seems to come up a lot in real life it seems, or has for me...

Thanks on the congrats.. Feels good!!

Dr. Don