Monday, December 13, 2004

Holiday Season...

First I need to say I follow the American Indian ways, and am a Shaman of the Apache Nation...

That said, the Christmas Holiday Seaons use to be a great season for me. I enjoy the music of the season, the decorations are fun to look at (although I despise putting them up myself), and for the most part the "front face" of many is one of happiness.

The back end is a bit different though. Most people are very unhappy with this season because of the cost of presents, the cost of adding weight at all the parties, the cost of "happiness". Why have we put such a false face on the season? This is supposed to be a celibartion of life!! What happened to the times of the home made gifts? What happened to the times of just spending more time with friends and family?

I like this season less and less each year. The decorations go up earlier each year, and get gaudery and more commerical in orientation. The music starts even earlier than before (I heard it near the end of October this year at a couple, not just one, malls!!), and people start talking about Christmas Shopping earlier on TV. What happened to the start of Christmas season, Christmas commercials, and Christmas decorations, being harolded by the passing of Santa Clause across the screen on the Macy's Parade? There were MANY years where that was the green light for Christmas Season, Santa coming across your screen.

I think we should go back to the shorter Christmas season, take the commerical aspect out, and go back to the creation of life again!!

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