Sunday, October 31, 2010

ExposeYourBlog! Status Update - 10/31/2010

Happy Halloween!

ExposeYourBlog! continues to surf over 1000 blog hits per day, which is a good thing! My goal is to get us to over 2000 per day by the end of the year! That will take the bloggers we currently have on board surfing at least 25 blogs per day, and for each of them to post at least one banner or comment on their site to get the bloggers that read their blogs to come check us out and join in.

The great thing is, that the majority of the people using the site are reading the blogs as they surf, provide the content is current, as they are often commenting on the blogs! So, while many surf sites people surf and ignore the screen, it doesn't appear to be happening here on EYB!

We have a few contest going on:

1. Surf at least 35 blogs per day for seven days in a row, beginning this past Thursday and ending this coming Thursday at midnight and you will receive 500 credits.
2. If you sign up now, or have signed up in the past and have not activated your account by surfing 5 blogs, you can now do so, then register on the forums and PM Admin and you will receive 100 credits!
3. Each day those that sponsor the most down line members receive credits. (Plus you get a percentage of what they surf each day as well!! So get your links on your blog so others will sign up under you!)
4. The top three people that surf each day get a percentage of the total surfs for that day added to their credits.
5. If you have an add for ExposeYourBlog! on your blog in the top part of your blog, every Saturday (or sometimes Sunday) you will receive 25 credits to your account as payment for advertising for EYB!

More to come!!

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