Sunday, July 04, 2010


I have, with the help of a few others, created a new blog sharing site. Go to, set up an account, surf through five blogs, then post your blog or blogs into your account, and begin surfing other peoples blogs so that they will be able to see your blogs!

Four or five people from BlogExplosion got tired of it not working and the lack of support at the site, so we started this site up to replace what was missing. We are not in it for money, as most of the sites were, but to have a place to help get our own blogs out and seen by others. I, personally, am dedicated to keeping it up and running, keeping the code clean, and over time adding to it as needed.

We have been averaging about one new blog added a day, for the month we have been open for business. I would love to see that go up, but that works for now if need be. :)

The surf ratio for free accounts is 5-3, meaning you surf 5 blogs, and you get three credits towards people getting to see your blog. There are options for paid accounts which give you more credits, you blog is seen for longer, etc. Every so often your surfing is broken up with the option to play a game for credits, and when you finish that game, you go back to surfing. You get bonus questions to answer every so often, which give you bonus credits as well.

Come join us at and get your blog seen!

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Erik said...

Hi! I didn't know you were involved in creating! Thank you. I already signed up and look forward to your continued success.