Sunday, February 13, 2005

Busy Times...

Well, as I get my butt back in gear and working on my course work, things are getting busy around me. The company I co-own/work Venture Strategies, Inc. (Blog)is busy trying to get new clients, meaning I'm busy trying to get new clients, we are working existing clients (and there is a lot of work involved in what we do), and we're working on our own plan (adjusting it to new thoughts). I am going to be giving a speech in April to a group of Space/Satellite Executives, so I have to get on top of the topic at hand (I know a good portion of what I’m going to say, but I need to get exact figures, etc….). In my PhD program, I’m on a topic I’m not overly good on (Marketing), so I need to spend even more time at the desk on the books. My sister, with whom I live(d) with, is selling her house and moving back in with our parents (a good move, and many reasons behind it), so I need to get all my stuff out and that is taking time to boot. Where I am now living needs help in cleaning out the garage to make room for all my junk. (I’m going to go through all of my stuff and trash as much as I can, I need to stop dragging this stuff all over the US…) I very much want to get my Watkins (and the blog) business off to the next level (which is where I start making good money instead of some money), so I need to spend more time there. I’m RIGHT at the point where if I add about 5 more hours to that job a week, I’ll be right at the point where I don’t have to work for anyone else in about three months. Just getting that 5 more hours is proving interesting though.

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