Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Communications is very important in any type of relationship, but it personal or business. The process of communicating needs to be bi-directional and very open for that relationship to be successful.

I have had three different relationships recently end because of lack of bi-directional communications. One was a business one where I wasn't communicating correctly, nor was my partner. This one was OK with me to end, sorta, but looking back, I should have communicated better and forced the issue of communication.

The second one has me more on edge and upset. This relationship was a personal one, and one that I kept very clear and open communcations going from my side, but the other person was not, even though she said she would. It appears there were issues on the table, but she wasn't able to talk about them and ended the relationship out of the blue after a long hard day at work for me. No pre-amble, just bam, it's over, move on! I have attempted to talk to her about the issues, knowing the relationship was over, but so that I could understand where things went wrong and fix that inside of me, or watch for it in a personal relationship, but no go. She won't talk, she dodges any attempt to communicate. At the begining of our relationship and through out the relationship I stressed the importance of talking over issues and being up front with them. She agreed up front, but didn't follow through with her words...

The third one is with a friend that lives in another state. We had spoty communications, often one sided over the past three years, and I thought good friends. When I opened up more and let her know some things I thought were wrong in my life and hers, she cursed me out and ran off. Again, lack of proper communications on both sides, but...

Why is it hard for people to communicate? I enjoy the practice and try to with everyone I come in contact with, but many people run from it!!??

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