Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Personal BLogs of Executives...

Earlier today I had someone tell me that I shouldn't have a personal blog where I ramble on since I was an Executive and had been looking for Executive level jobs.

I still have to ask WHY NOT? Yes, many companies go out and search to see what is being said by and about someone before they hire a person. But I also think that company SHOULD know what a person thinks and does in life. Sorta Full Disclosure!

Now, I do nothing that I am ashamed of, and I follow strong and ethical business and life practices. I have been pretty successful in life, and I have helped many others be successful in life.

Should a person have a personal BLog if they are an Executive?


anassar said...

Hi Don

I think it is perfectly fine to have a blog. Some top CEOs or Presidents have static web pages, Bill Gates for example has a static web page. I see a blog to be more dynamic and various topics could be discussed besides perosnal topics, such as general industry changes, market trends, thoughts and ideas.

If you are invited by CNN business to give your opinion on a certain topic would a top executive accept the invitation, well guess what... the web is more accessible than CNN.

Keep blogging..

Don said...

Hello Ayman,

Thank you for posting!

I agree, I feel it is OK to post to a personal BLog, but with some restrictions.

One should not be spouting off negatively on subjects unless that is the stand of the company they work for, and one should be minding their P's and Q's as they write on various subjects.

However, I think that should be with everyone, not just Executives....