Friday, February 25, 2011

EYB! - Spring Cleaning, But Still Growing!


ExposeYourBlog! is going through and early Spring Cleaning in which we are getting rid of blogs that have not been updated in 6 months, pausing those blogs, and removing people that have not verified their accounts or activated their accounts. (Both of which are more than able to come back and re-apply and start surfing.)

Why are we doing this? ExposeYourBlog! is a service for you the blogger to post your blog and get real people seeing it and commenting on it. We are not your typical Surf site out for numbers, but we ARE out for quality blogs and quality Bloggers!

We hope this "enhancement" of the system will bring more people there!

Add to that, we have a few contest going to help you raise your credits so more people can see you! Some of which include cash bonuses too (although you must be a paid member to receive cash back!). So, come check us out and surf away to help get your blog(s) seen!

Our forums are still there, and somewhat active. We would love to see more Bloggers there talking to other Bloggers, sharing their blog, and learning more about blogging. Come on over!

Happy Times!

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