Thursday, March 23, 2006

Busy Life...

Life continues to throw things at me and keep me busy and looking for revenue... I haven't taken (or made) much time for my studies, so my dissertation is going no where, although I do have a bit of time till my next "required" check in for that.

I have been having some good times though. My Boss, the owner of the company I work for as President/COO, has a sail boat, and I get to go out on it at least once a week of late, and often more. I'm finding I like being out on the sea. If I didn't have Kodi, my puppy (ok, 6 years old next month, but still a puppy to me), I'd probably quit what I'm doing now and take a job on a cruise line doing computer work or some such.

I did get to scuba dive a few weeks ago. For the first time in my life I dove in water where all I wore was a "skin" (light cloth body suit less than .5m thick) and it was WARM! (Everyone around me said I was crazy and the water was too cold that I should be wearing a 3m wet suit a the minimum. It was warm though! I loved it. I was checking out the bottom of the boat, so I wasn't down longer than 10 minutes, but I have to say it was great! Can't wait to go diving again soon!

Well, back to work.

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