Friday, March 24, 2006

Venture Capitalist...

For about 10 years I was an active Venture Capitalist, and funded several companies with money (from $500K to $50M). I reviewed hundreds of business plans, talked to hundreds of people about their company and funded some of them, and walked, or ran, from others.

But in all of the cases, I TRIED to be cordial and friendly.

I am currently working for a company (AV Books, Inc.) that is looking for VC Funding. The response I’ve gotten from the folks I’ve talked to has been from extremely rude, to down right nasty! Why is that? It just doesn’t make sense to me!

Are they put off because I know the processes from the inside? (Although anyone with a sound mind knows how a VC works…) Although my boss was receiving the same responses before I came on board.

I know our product is good; too many potential end users like and WANT the product. Almost every Educator we have shown it to wishes they had every book they use in our product!

I’m confused…

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Anonymous said...

Hello Don,,reviewed your blog that was advertised on Traffic Swarm. I have yet to blog but leaning to getting started.
My interest is your business activity of Venture Capitalist. Just getting started, if there is such a state of being, and interested hearing from you regarding participation.
No, I would no frown on you at all.
Jim Lucas