Saturday, January 15, 2011

EYB! is looking for YOU!

We are currently looking for two more Admin folks to help us maintain and monitor the blog surfing site, ExposeYourBlog! (

You must have a blog, or more than one if you want ;) , and you must be able to spend at least an hour or so a week looking at blog submissions to allow them in rotation, and you must surf some to verify that those blogs in rotation are current and not breaking things. Helping out in the forums ( is nice too, but not required.

What do you get? Unlimited credits, direct input to what happens on the site, and you can see what all is happening behind the scenes.

If you are interested, come join us on EYB! and the forums, and send me a PM (admin) on the forums and we can talk about it and make it happen if we agree. :)

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