Sunday, January 09, 2011

EYB! Status Update - January 9, 2011

Hello Folks,

Well, this past few days has brought a major change to the system. If you are a PAID Pro member, you become eligible to earn back the money you spent on your monthly subscription. It takes work though! You must surf to earn cash credits. The more you surf, the more you make. Over time, I will be adding and subtracting the amount acquired during surfing, as well as how long you have to surf to earn some change. Now, if you are not a paid Pro member, you can still earn, but you can not cash out until you go Paid for at least a month. (No coming and going either, I will delete the account if you do that!) (I, and the rest of the Admin crew are not here to make money, we are here to get our blogs, and your blogs seen and read!)

We have a contest going on the forums,, that those that post and are on line, get extra credits if seen by the Admin staff when on line, and randomly for posting new post. So the more you post, and the more you visit the forums, the more credits you get on the surf site.

EYB! continues to grow, and we have hit several days of over 1000 blogs being seen on a day. I look forward to when that is a SMALL number of what has been seen. :) And we have over 20 people a day surfing, that, too, I would like to see climb!

Happy Surfing!

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