Friday, July 15, 2011

EYB! - Summer Heat!

It looks like the summer heat here in the US is keeping people away from their computers and at the pools maybe! Surfing is down a bit, but we are still getting some surfing and commenting done!

We are also still growing slowly but surely! Each week we get a blog or two added and three or four new people surfing and commenting on the blogs, so things are going well.

I would still like to see us out grow BlogExplosion at it's prime! All it takes is for each of us to get active in surfing daily, and for each of us to post links in our blogs to ExposeYourBlog! and at least one post about the site to get your readers to come check it out. I have found that MOST of the readers of blogs are blog writers themselves, not all, but most. So, if they read in your blog that you use ExposeYourBlog!, they will possibly come check us out and become one of your down line (giving you extra credits as well!) and give us more blogs to look at!

Happy Surfing!


Anji said...

How about awarding a few credits if you spot their posts about EYB!?

Don said...

I think I will in our next newsletter. :)