Wednesday, August 03, 2011

EYB! - School Starts Soon!

Well, here in the US school in many areas starts Monday of next week. Means some of our users will be home more doing homework, which also means instead of homework, they may be on their computers surfing to get away from homework... I hope they do their homework FIRST though. ;)

ExposeYourBlog! is still growing, slowly but surely! We could always use more bloggers and surfers, but I'm not totally unhappy with with what we have right now. More is always better of course! So, if you blog, come join us over at and read other blogs (will help you come up with new ideas) and get your blog seen! Most of our surfers read the blogs, and many comment on your blog as well!

We have 325 blogs in rotation right now, which takes over three hours of steady watching to see them all. You will not see the same blog within three hours of itself either. We are only a manual surf site, with variable times for free vs paid members, with the paid member blogs having more time on the screen before the person can go on to the next blog.

Happy Surfing!

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