Saturday, August 13, 2011

ExposeYourBlog! - What is it and why?

So, what is ExposeYourBlog! all about? ExposeYourBlog! is a Traffic Exchange Service that allows you to put your blog(s) in a queue to be seen and read by other people on the net. It provides another avenue to help get your site seen. This service is not like MOST traffic exchanges out there, in that it only allows for blogs to be put in rotation. Each blog in rotation is on your screen for from 20 seconds to 35 seconds giving you a chance to glance over it to see if there is new content to read. After reading and commenting, you have the option to click on a color or text to move on to the next site in rotation.

To make it work for you, what you must do is spend some time each day or week reading other blogs. As you do this, you earn credits that are automatically assigned to your blog(s) so others see yours. You do not see your blog(s) while you are surfing (so you don't use up your own credits). So, the more you surf, the more your blog goes into rotation! Also, the more you surf, the chance of getting an extra 5 to 500 credits comes along every few surfs (~33) in a row! Don't worry though! You will not see the same blog in a continuous three hour surfing session! Now, if you leave for any length of time over say 3 hours you may see some of the same blogs again, but that is because you have gone outside of that three hour window!

Why upgrade to a paid account? Free accounts are set to have a counter of 25 seconds for their blog(s) to be seen before the next blog can be selected. Paid members blog(s) get a counter of between 30 and 35 seconds, depending on the Pro level selected. Also, paid members get a reduction of time required to wait on other blogs of from 2 to 5 seconds, again, depending on the level of paid membership. Free members earn 3 credits for every 5 blogs they see. Pro/Paid members earn 1 credit for every 2 blogs or 1 for 1, depending on their level. (Each credit earned comes out of the viewed blogs owner's credit using them up as the other person surfs. (Make sense?)) Free members can only have two blogs in rotation at a time. Paid members can have from 5 to 50 (ok, I know, who has 50 blogs, you may be surprised!!) blogs in rotation at any time. Free members may only have banners that point to blogs (unless they buy commercial banner credits), while paid members may put any banner in rotation. Free members only get one banner. Pro/Paid members can have 5 to 15 banners in rotation!

A VERY important reason to be a Pro/Paid member is that there is a greater chance, by 10%, that your blogs will be seen first! Yep, being a Pro member you blogs have a weighted chance of 10% better viewings!

Why have banners? Banners give you a chance, with a flashy banner, to get another chance of having the surfer look at your blog(s)! PLUS, if you keep an eye on the banners each time the surf bar loads, you stand a chance of getting from 1 to 5 extra credits added to your account if you click on the banner before the notice slips off! After it slips off the banner, you don't get any extra credits, so look at the banner first thing!! Also, I am using those banners in rotation on other web sites soon! Remember, all banners MUST be 468X60 in size to be seen correctly! If you have banners, keep an eye on the credits available to you banners, as you may need to convert some of your surfing credits to your banners to get them seen!

Why surf daily and for at least 35 blogs each day? Well, for one, it keeps more credits in your account so your blog gets seen more often! Those that surf daily raise their blogs visibility by 5% for that day, meaning that it will be seen 5% more often that day than those accounts that have not surfed that day, so if you are a Pro/Paid member surfing daily, you are at 15% instead of 10%. After very 33 blogs you surf you will come upon a verification page that will allow you to receive from 5 to 500 extra credits, some cash and other benefits! Plus, you get to read some great blogs as you go! So, come join us and SURF AWAY!!


Anji said...

All of that is important, but a sense of community is important too. We have some great members!

Don said...

Yep, left that part out!! We definitely have a great community too!! And the majority of the members are GREAT!! :)