Saturday, September 03, 2011

EYB! - Summer Winding Down!

Welcome to September, the beginning of the end of Summer! I pray everyone had a great summer, full of fun and sunshine, when it wasn't raining!, and is ready to surf the winter away. ;)

ExposeYourBlog! has a new owner, however, don't fret!! In my current, and pray-fully permanent, state of life, i am unable to own anything. I have donated the site to The Order of Brothers of Reconciliation, which has assigned me as the Chief Admin for the site. You will see NO changes, due to the change of ownership though! Well, with the exception of when I find the right person to do the work, the forums will look like the surf site in skin looks. :) We will continue to accept ALL blogs, that meet our prior requirements.

Well, let me take that back, there is a change. For all new paid sign ups, going forward, the fees are now going to a 501c3 tax deductible (in the US anyway!?)organization, as a donation to the Order. If you are currently a paid member, please feel free to cancel your subscription and restart! (The funds are going to be turned over to the Order once they come in on my old email account effective this month anyway!)

I have had a couple of people complain that their views have been low. This is true, there has been a bit of slow down in surfing this past few weeks. That said, the majority of the people complaining were not surfing either! Remember, those that are paid and surf that day have their blogs seen faster than those that aren't, followed by those that are paid (but haven't surfed that day) or those that surf that day (but aren't paid members), followed by those that haven't surfed that day, but this week, on down to those that have not surfed. So, it is best to surf daily even if only 1 or 2 sites. (Although you get better results if you surf at least 35 blogs each day.) So GET surfing. ;)

We would like to encourage each of you to come on over to the forums ( and help us to get this community of surfers and bloggers growing in community! Would love to see you there and posting your questions, your thoughts, etc!

Don't forget the Surf and Chat option when you are surfing!

Happy Surfing!
Best of times!

Don Bell
Chief Admin - ExposeYourBlog!

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