Saturday, September 17, 2011


Well, the temperature has sure come down in this neck of the woods! When I left for work yesterday morning at 8:30AM it was only 46 degrees (Fahrenheit), kinda chilly! Bet we have an Indian Summer soon though and the temps hit the 90s again. I kinda hope so, as I'm not ready for a long hard winter if we start this early! What about you? Come on over to the forums ( and tell us about the weather in your area! I honestly want to know if it is chilling out there too!?

With this cool weather I guess you all are out cleaning up the yard, winterizing your house, etc., as the surfing is way down this past few days. And I mean way down. And that is causing the credits to go down or away on many blogs, because we do have a few surfers every day that surf a lot! It may be time to log into your account and see if you have any credits left for your banners and your blogs, and to surf some to get your banners and blogs seen again!

I'm at a tough point here... As I have said before, I'm not a big fan of sending newsletters out all the time, as I almost consider them to be spam mail. And many times, since ExposeYourBlog! is not out to make money or sell you something (although you can purchase a Pro account and help pay the cost of running the site!! ;) ), there isn't a lot to say! The coding is mostly done, although I am working on raising the money to make the Forums look like the surf site, and not much else is happening. So, the only reason to really post a newsletter right now is to get back in front of you and get you surfing again... And I don't like doing a newsletter just for that reason..... But when I send a newsletter, it gets you all back to surfing for a few days!! Catch 22....

If you have read this far, send me a PM in the forums, sorry, only the forums, stating you got this far and have the words Catch 22 in the message, and I will give you 50 credits.

For the month of October, starting October 1, I will have a contest running to help boost your credits as well. More on this later. ;) But you will only find out about it the last week of September via the forums!!

Back to surfing for me!!

Happy Surfing!

Best of times!

Don Bell
Chief Admin - ExposeYourBlog!


Aaron Lindsey said...

Hey Don!
Thanks for commenting on my blog, and thanks for letting me know about the comment line breaks. I logged into blogger and corrected it.

Don said...

You are very welcome! I enjoy reading your blog! Hope you keep surfing!!

And thanks for fixing the comments!


bing said...

hi, Don, first time on this page. bloghopping just to say hi. :-)

Don said...

Welcome here Bing,and to EYB! I hope it grows your readers and commentors!


ryder88 said...

Hi Don,

Here in the Philippines we just experience two typhoon in a week and there is a Third one expected a lot of areas are still flooded in some parts of the main island of Luzon hopefully the flood will subside soon so that people in the affected area can rebuild what left. I belong to the "lucky one" thanks God for that who are not so much affected by the flooding from the two typhoon.

God bless.

Don said...

I think I'll stick with my weather here Ryder88! God bless you as well, and keep you safe at the same time!