Sunday, October 09, 2011

Surfing is up!

It looks like our tech support at the host server site did their job well! I haven't seen the old "database connection" error in the past few days. Have you? If you get such an error, please drop me a line! But I do believe it has been taken care of for good. :)

We have had a great week of surfing this week, which I thank each of you for participating! Keep it up!! It pays off in more eyes on your blog(s). ;) We have had some of the best surfing we have had this past week, so I'm very happy about that!

We have four people that are "surfing for Pro" right now, Jay, Link4Business, Kittencaboodle, and DreamsofNyssa!! Keep it up! You are 1/4th of the way there!

There are still several blogs that have credits but are getting old in content, I hope you all update your blogs soon! I'd love to read your new thoughts and words! While I don't comment on all blogs, I do read them all as I surf along, and will comment when the post catches my attention, and I love to read new things! So, and I need to do this too, let's all update our blogs this coming week, if not sooner!

Happy Surfing!

Best of times!

Don Bell
Chief Admin - ExposeYourBlog!

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