Saturday, April 28, 2012

EYB! - Second Year Ending!!


As we quickly come to the end of April, we are now coming into one month away from our second year anniversary! Yep, we opened for business and surfing two years ago June 1st! This next month celebrates Anji and I quickly building the site and getting things ready to roll. (We had a few others give moral support and advice, but they have moved on...)

In celebration of that, from now until the 2nd of June, you can add up to FIVE more blogs to your account! Yes, five more blogs! Now, on the second or third, I will change the number allowed back to the original for your account level, BUT, you get to keep those blogs in rotation unless you delete them or try to change them once I return the allowed number of blogs back to the prior state! So if you have more than a couple of blogs and were not able to put them in rotation, now is the time!

As we come to the end of our second year and celebrate two years of surfing, keep you eyes open to this newsletter, and your side bar on your tools page!

We have, even before this newsletter, added more surfers, and more blogs this past few weeks, so come on back if you haven't surfed in a while!

Happy Surfing!

Best of times!

Friar Don, OBR
Chief Admin - ExposeYourBlog!

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Jamie (Echos) said...

I'm surfing more!