Tuesday, July 03, 2012

This Blog/ExposeYourBlog!

A while back I pretty much dedicated this blog to talking about ExposeYourBlog!, but basically just copied and pasted the Newsletter I "seldom" sent out in here as well...

I've rethought that concept, and will be doing things a bit different here now. Oh, don't get me wrong, it will still be about ExposeYourBlog! and my thoughts on it and the concept, but it won't be cut and paste. ;)

First, what is ExposeYourBlog!? ExposeYourBlog! is a web site you can go to to read some VERY good blogs, and at the same time get your blog seen by others. What goes one behind the scenes? When you sign up and verify your email, you are able to surf five blogs giving you roughly 53 credits in your account. You are then able to put your blog(s) (up to two for a free account) into rotation to be seen by others. As you surf and read other blogs, you gain credits to have your blog seen.

In the two years we have been up and running (we just had our two year anniversary!) I have been able to find blogs I would probably normally not have been able to find in the mass of blogs out there. Many I read daily as I surf along, and I don't have to crowd my browser with links to remember and for me to find later. Nor do I have to create a list on my computer and store it there. The blog comes up in rotation randomly through my surfing the site!

Now, I know I won't see the same blog in an hour of surfing, which is about how long I currently surf at any given time. Now, if I come back after an hour and surf again, if the person that owns the blog is active (surfs 35 other blogs a day) or is a paid member, there is a possibility that I will see it again in the same day, as those people get a better chance of being seen randomly. Ok, so that makes it semi-random. ;)

So, come check us out!


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