Friday, May 31, 2013

Life continues to change.... :)

Today was my last day working for the VA.. As of today, I am Medically Retired due to my back, hips and left knee. It feels go to be away from what I VERY much feel is a cesspool. Don't get me wrong, the VA in general is a good department of the Government. But this particular facility is so corrupt and broken, that it is beyond belief! But that said, it is time to go to where I belong, full time service to the Catholic Church! This coming week I will be moving into the Rectory (Church/Parish House) next to Saint Mary's Catholic Church in Pine Grove Ohio, which is part of the group of Churches in Ironton Ohio that I am already part of. My days will consist of pray, contemplation and helping the Church community here in any way I can be of service. The time has come to stop "fighting" this call and make it happen! This also will free time up to return to posting a bit more (hopefully a lot more) and to keep this blog and one other blog active again! Hope to see you all around blogsphere! D.

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