Friday, May 31, 2013


I've never been a fan of Unions in today's age. That said, when I was in Denver, I worked on raising a "Union" for security guards... I DO NOT however think that in most cases that Unions are needed for the better of the US anymore though. (There are exceptions.) The VA employees, as well as most federal government employees, have the option in most jobs to join the AFGE union. The local in Huntington WV VA Medical Center is the worst of the worst of the Union I have been placed in the unhappy position to be associated with. This union office is SOLELY out to help management and not the union member in ALL cases. There are times when the Union should support the management, but that is not their purpose, or at least their stated purpose anyway! This particular Union has a waste of a President, who prayfully will be leaving as President here in a few months to a new one. She only does the bare minimum of work, gone more than she is there, and doesn't fight for her people that NEED her to fight. She is clueless on the rules of the Union, the Contract, and the way of getting things done correctly. Oh, did I tell you she is rude too? Yep, VERY rude, unless you are one of her "Chosen".. Anyway, this union strengthens my dislike of unions, a big money hole that does little for it's members... D.

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