Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Continual Transition..

My life continues to be in continual transition to new phases in life. This past month I have been transitioning into the life of a Diocesan Hermit in the Catholic Church. Sorta a "promotion", but not at the same time. I now live by a personal Rule of Life instead of a Community Rule, and spend my day in prayer, contemplation, reading the Bible, and study of the Catholic Faith by studying philosophy, theology and the Doctors/Fathers of the Church as well as learning the Documents written by the Church. This feels like I have found my home!! Add to that, I am now living right next to a Church in which I have unlimited access to 24/7. This is GREAT!

I still go out to Mass, and have Saturday to go grocery shopping and take care of other "off site" tasks, but I spend most of my time in the Hermitage (of one) either praying or reading/studying. In Christ!!

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