Wednesday, August 17, 2005

An Aggervation.

I have had three people this past week or two that have told me that they are not with an MLM/Network Marketing company (although they are telling me this on a MLM/Network Marketing discussion board on Ryze), and that they do not sell product, they just refer people... What they are doing is Marketing a business, and selling their parent companies product, plain and simple.

Now Marketing is a process of getting your information out to the public for selling a product/service/person.

Multi Level Marketing/Network Marketing (see Marketing in both names?)is the process of Marketing through friends/family/people you meet and talking about what you like and use (hopefully, I see many MLM/NM people actually NOT using their own products!). This is referal marketing. You present your product to those you meet, you market your product on line, etc.

So, if you work a buisness that has a parent company you receive product from, and that you refer to people, and if those people join up, as an Associate, and you make residual income off of their actions, you are a MLM/NM Marketer. Pretty clearly defined in numerous publications, including by the IRS.

If a person is afraid to say they own and opperate a MLM/NM business, why are they in it? If they are afraid of what people think about the industry, why not educate them on it instead of trying to hide it?

This hiding their affiliation in the industry hurts the industry, which has had a bad rap due to the scams that crop up all the time.

Please folks, be up front with your marketing and processes, don't try to convince someone that you are legit by saying you are not MLM/NM when you are in fact. It hurts the industry, your marketing efforts, and the quality of the Associates you get on your team.

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