Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I read an interesting article on blogging today and how to go about doing it, that article stated two ways, or rather frequency of, to write a blog:

1. Use your blog as a content management system. Write your weekly article, upload it to your blog, then send an email to your list that links to the article on your blog.


2. Write for your blog every day (or every two days at an absolute minimum) to reach the group of people who will visit your blog regularly, but only if you are adding new content regularly. Then, for your weekly newsletter, create a weekly digest of your posts containing a synopsis of each article and a link to the article on your blog.

As you can see here, I tend to the first, but am going to aim to the second option. I think that makes better sense. While I have there three blogs to work my work one my Watkins one and this one, I hope to start finding things to write on each every day that have merit. :)

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