Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Another book recommendation.

I have the un-natural habit of sleeping from two to three hours a night, so I have a lot of free time to read. (Although I'd probably read often anyway.) I tend to read books on Self Help/Growth, Business Topics, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and some military based ones.

Two days ago had the pleasure of receiving "The Angel Inside", by Chris Widener. (ISBN-0-9726266-1-1)

This book is well written and a quick read at 110 pages (of actual story line). The message, chisel, chip, sand, and polish your inner being and do what you are good at and want to do, instead what others what you to do, is well articulated.

This book will be going on my "must read" list for sure! Check it out and see how it fits your life!! I’m betting it is dead on to where you are currently or have been in the recent past!

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