Sunday, April 09, 2006

Busy Weekend

Well, I spent all day yesterday rebuilding and "new" (to me) computer that was given to me for helping a guy fix his "new" computer and get it working the way it should be. Boy ole boy, I know why he got a new one. This one is SOOOOOOOO slow, and needs memory which I will probably pick up soon. Going to use it as my print server and take that task off of the computer that was doing it, as it was always busy anyway crunching prime numbers for me.

Today I will be heading into work and working on the network there, as I'm not happy with the way it is set up. Yep, I'm the President of the company, but our "Network" guy left the company before I got there, and it's time to fix things...

Also getting back into (I know, I keep coming and going here...) my dissertation and my Watkins business (see last post there...), so life is busy again!

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