Saturday, April 22, 2006


For the past three months plus I have been eating better, doing ab rolls, push ups, and walking my dog more and for longer distances, all pretty much every day. It’s starting to pay off. I don’t have a scale, although I should get one soon, but my pants are now loose, and my belt is way too loose as well. Not going to buy new clothes, belt or scales till I get it down even more.

My goal is to get from the 290ish pounds I was, down to 210 where I feel the best. (I am a big guy even when I’m in shape!) The last time I did check my weight I was 265 about 2 months ago. Lost ~25 pounds since mid December of 2005. :)

Comes with living in Florida I guess. :)


Mandy said...

You are so lucky living in Florida (I think) well maybe you aren't lol. I know if I lived there I wouldn't be able to resist visiting the parks at every possible chance, not to mention the fantastic food on offer!

(I'm originally from the UK and visited Florida 3 times)

Don said...

I'm right beside you at the parks, if I'm not on the sail boat or at the beach!

Next time your in Florida, if in the Ft. Lauderdale area, let me know in advance, I'll get you, and those with you, out on the sail boat!