Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fuel Cost

There is a lot of hupla going on right now about the cost of fuel here in the US. Now mind you I don't like it myself, but I can't see the problem with what the fuel companies are doing.

This is a free economy Nation. That means you or a company is free to set the prices for your/their product(s). If we, The People, don't want to pay that price, we don't have to buy it, and after a time, the price will come down.

Having the government step in and control the prices doesn't make sense to me. Now, I understand that fuel cost will and does impact the cost of food, durable goods, and pretty much everything else, but the best way for us to impact that is to not use as much of it for none commercial purposes. Start using buses, walking, major car pooling, go buy an electric car, etc. There are ways to lower your cost!

Keep in mind, if you go to Europe, or most countries fuel is over $5.00 per gallon.

Stop complaining and do something about it, walk it's better for you anyway. (And that's what I'm doing as much as possible, walking!)


Anji said...

Are you still walking?

Don said...

Well, yes and no... I now live over 35 miles from work, so walking to and fro is a bit much, and there is no public transit system to get me from here to there, so I car pool when I can, or drive on my own when I must. BUT, when I can, I walk...